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Dean of the College

Office      T4-819
TEL         02-2737-6278
FAX         02-2737-6422
email      syying.lee@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Ph. D.      University of Southern California
Chair, Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
Director, English Teaching/Learning Resources Center for Technological Universities and Colleges in Northern Taiwan, MOE
Chair, Dept. of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics, National Taipei University
Associate Professor, General English, College of Law and Commerce, National Chung-Hsing University
Director, Division of General English, National Ocean University
Multimodal Multiliteracies
Extensive Reading and Blogging
Writing Apprehension and Blocking
Storytelling and Children Learning English
Children Literature vs. School Texts: Corpus analysis
Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research
Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI), Language Learning & Technology (SSCI), The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (SSCI), European Journal of Education and Psychology, Individual Differences and Learning (SSCI), Perceptual and Motor Skills (SSCI), Second Language Writing (SSCI), Language Learning (SSCI), Journal of Asia TEFL, System (SSCI)